Savoring your Lily Petals 

May 26th, 2022

Getting the longest petal life out of your Lily requires a little maintenance as they start to open. As soon as you can visually see the Anther or pollen bearing portion of the stamen remove them.

The Anther pollen will stain and will quicken the natural deterioration of the petal.   You can use a paper towel or glove hand to extract and discard. 

In contrast if you would like your Lily’s to open quicker. Take one or two Anthers and place in the water of your bouquet. This quickens opening for ceremony or display.

Florist Tip:

If the pollen has started to drop in a fine powder onto the petals take a pipe cleaner or chenille stick and wipe the petals rotating the stick and wiping in one direction.

Wipe away from the center of the petal. The pollen will adhere to the chenille and easily wipe away. Make sure to try not to handle the petals with your hands. Oils from your hands will set the pollen and you won’t be able to lift it off the petal.



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