Frequently Asked Questions

Flower Care

Extend floral life with these 3 simple steps!

  • Cut stems by 1/2 inch every 2 to 3 days
  • Change water and add plant food to water
  • Keep out of direct sun and/or heat

We offer Weekly and/or Monthly subscriptions. Surprise your loved one monthly with the gift of flowers or let us keep your calendar with a pre determined number of floral arrangements set to be delivered with your personal message to your recipient. Pick birthdays, anniversaries, special events, or just a day to celebrate them.


We hand write our sentiments and enclose in a beautifully colored envelope addressed to your loved one.

Delivery Receipts and Photos

You will receive two notifications from Stems. The first is a receipt followed after delivery of a personal photo of your bouquet that was delivered to your loved one. This is our normal practice, problems do arise that makes this gift to you unavailable during technical issues and/or holidays.

We hope your day blooms beautifully.