Do you LOVE the smell of Roses?

April 20th, 2022

Check out this local Northern California Flower Farmer.

She sells bareroot rose plants with a wide variety of colors as well as 5 gallon potted for local rose enthusiasts to pick up. Shortly, she will begin to sell cut rose bouquets for shipping. Her Friday Farm Reports are always informative. You can find Felisha of Menangrie Farms on Instagram at or visit her website where you can shop at

Make sure when buying cut roses from the local market that you pull back the plastic and check their stems, they should be green or brown depending on rose variety, they should also be slightly bendy, check their leaves to make sure they are still attached and check their sepals. These are the guards of green just under the petals of the rose. They should be slightly turned down but not laying turned down against the stem. If they are still tight against the petals they may have been picked too early. This is what we call bullet roses, heads are tight and sepals are still closed they may not open.

If the sepals are turned completely down this would indicate an older rose. Older roses can be used for events and celebrations. You can manipulate their petals to open more readily. Always cut the stems at a 90 degree angle and give them some slightly warmer then room temperature water and flower food. Leave at least two sets of leaves at the top. This allows for the most water uptake. Never leave leaves that are submerged in the water, it creates bacteria and can shorten vase life.



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