Shopping Store Bought Roses

April 8th, 2022

We all love to spot some beautiful blooms while shopping at our local Grocery Stores.

Stop and Smell the Roses!

Have you ever got them home and taken the plastic off and realized they’re at the end of their life? Cut flowers have a vase life from field to table. You can extend their life with a few tips and tricks, it all starts in the Grocery Store.

When you choose your blooms be sure to pull back the plastic and look at the leaves. Make sure they are still attached to the stems and are crisp when snapped off the stems. Look also at the stem itself is there any discoloration or signs of stress? When you get to the heads you want firm not soft. The heads should also not be so tight that the inside is not visible. We call those bullet Roses and they may not open because they were picked to immature in the field. Make sure the lower guard petals are crisp when pinched back and that you hear a snap.

Extending a Rose life is simple with these three things. When you get them home cut 1 inch at a angle off the bottom, make sure to add, flower food or make your own with a food source(sugar) and a antibacterial (1-2 drops of bleach), third is to repeat this process every three days to extend the life of the bloom.

Hope your day blooms Beautifully!




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We hope your day blooms beautifully.